Hunting for bargains 

What happens if you also think about your pillar 3a when you’re out bargain hunting on Black Friday

5 Dinge zum Jahresende - Säule 3a

Black Friday:

30%, 50%, 90% – the discounts and price reductions shine big and bright from screens, posters and shop windows. Your inbox fills up with special offers. Adverts come at you from all directions, via social media, WhatsApp and all other kinds of channels. They entice and seduce you.


A new smartphone? New clothes? A new wardrobe? A cheaper gym membership?

Big discounts in the adverts draw you in. This is because Friday 26 November is once again Black Friday, the day of the bargain hunt. Black Friday comes one day after the American holiday Thanksgiving, and marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season every year.

Black friday - Säule 3a

And what does this have to do with Pillar 3a? 

There's no reason why we shouldn’t snap up a bargain just when low prices are so tempting. It also helps the economy if people consume more, especially at the moment, and ideally you’d rather shop at the local retailer around the corner. Small independent stores are having a particularly hard time at the moment.


But maybe you can also combine Black Friday with your retirement planning. The bargain gives you instant gratification, and you can use it immediately. With pillar 3a, your deposit is put aside for much later on. How about investing some money in your pillar 3a as well as going shopping?


Suppose that you, 25 years old, could buy a new notebook on Black Friday for CHF 800 instead of CHF 1400. That means you save CHF 600 (more than 40%) and can enjoy having a new computer at the same time.


If you then invest the money saved when buying your notebook in your pillar 3a with securities before the end of the year, you can benefit again.


On the one hand you'll save on income tax next year, and on the other you can turn a one-off investment of just CHF 600 into CHF 879 after 10 years, and into as much as more than four times the original amount (CHF 2,667) after 39 years by the time you retire.*


This means that it's worth thinking about your future on Black Friday as well. So it’s not such a bad idea after all ?


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*Calculation and risk information

The simulated performance is based on an ambitious investment strategy with a hypothetical annual return of 3.9%. Each investment strategy has its own forecast. Economic models and statistical methods are used to calculate performance. In principle, the performance can be predicted for an investment horizon of a maximum of 10 years. In the event of a longer investment horizon the calculations are continued using the same values, whereby no statements can be made about the probability of the calculated results occurring. The calculated values are to be understood as net. Securities savings are subject to fluctuations in value and the expected returns cannot be guaranteed.

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