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Does sustainable investing make sense? Learn more about green investing here.

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What is meant by sustainable investing?

When you deposit your money with frankly in actively managed funds you are investing your money responsibly. These are Swisscanto investment products that follow the Responsible approach, so you also benefit from the expertise and knowledge of our partner. Which aspects of sustainability are taken into account?

At frankly, sustainable retirement planning means:

  • We reduce CO2e1* emissions in our active investment products by at least 4% per year.
  • We are also committed to social sustainability. This means that companies are chosen based on ESG (environment, social, governance) criteria in corporate management.
  • We keep a blacklist. This includes, for example, arms manufacturers, coal mining companies and companies that violate human rights, environmental standards or labour rights (UN Global Compact).
  • We exercise our voting rights and maintain our own sustainability-oriented voting guidelines for this purpose. We publish our voting behaviour transparently at


You can find out more about the criteria for sustainable investments at frankly here. If you’re interested in learning why sustainable investing benefits not only the environment but you as well, this is the place to go to learn more.


* CO2 equivalents (CO2e) are a unit of measurement used to standardise the climate impact of the greenhouse gases carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O), and fluorinated greenhouse gases (CFCs). These gases stay in the atmosphere for different amounts of time and do not contribute to the greenhouse effect to the same extent.

Sustainable investing means investing in progress

Our world is constantly changing, and companies must be able to keep up with developments to be successful. Those that face up to environmental and social challenges are guided by a long-term perspective. This pays off, because sustainable companies have better growth opportunities in the long run. Investing in sustainable companies means joining them on the path towards sustainable change and progress while investing your money with a clear conscience.

Sustainable companies meet tomorrow’s requirements today

Laws and regulations exist to protect our world, enabling us to meet the ecological and social challenges we are faced with. Companies therefore have a responsibility They constantly have to adapt to new legal requirements. Sustainable companies are by their nature ahead of the game. By doing more than the bare minimum, they are already prepared for the laws of tomorrow. Investing your money sustainably means you are investing in business models that also have a future.

Why sustainability is important in business

A world in which only profits matter can never be sustainable. Very few companies can function without the resources of people and the environment. When people are exploited by the companies they work for it weakens a society as a whole. If industrial companies destroy nature, they take away their own livelihood. In the long run, only companies that reconcile social, environmental and economic development goals can survive.

Invest sustainably in your pension provision with frankly

When you choose an active investment strategy with frankly, you are choosing a sustainable investment strategy. Learn more about what sustainable investing means at frankly.

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