In­vest­ing sus­tain­ably for your old age 

Invest sustainably with an active investment strategy – at an all-in fee of 0.45%. Only available with frankly. But what does sustainability mean to us?

Investing sustainably

We reduce CO2e1* emissions in 
our active investment products 
by at least 4% per year..

Our responsible sustainability approach

We have made a com­mit­ment to meeting the Paris Agree­ment. 

Therefore, our investments in active Swisscanto investment products are aimed towards achieving a reduction in CO2e emissions of at least 4% per year. We call our sustainability approach «responsible».


By choosing an active investment product from frankly, you can be at the forefront of a sustainable future.

How exactly does this work?

We think on a broader scale

We rely on a variety of measures to reduce CO2e emissions in our investment products.


When selecting a company for our investment product, we don’t just look at economic criteria but also consider ecological and social aspects. We also pay attention to good corporate management – ESG criteria to be precise (Environment, Social, Governance).


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Strict sustainability criteria

Excluding certain companies ensures less risk

We use a blacklist when deciding which companies to invest in for our investment products. According to the blacklist, manufacturers of banned weapons (cluster bombs & cluster munitions, anti-personnel mines & landmines, biological & chemical weapons, nuclear weapons, enriched uranium and blinding laser weapons) are excluded.

In addition, further exclusions apply to our active investment products: We do not invest in companies which we do not consider to have a promising business model based on ESG criteria and/or which pose an unacceptable reputational risk. Companies with the following business activities are currently excluded:

  • Weapons & ammunitions manufacturers
  • Manufacture of arms and military technology (sales > 5%)
  • Extractors of coal (sales > 5%)
  • Coal reserves (except metal production)
  • Child labour
  • Producers of pornography
  • Violators of the UN Global Compact


We constantly adapt these criteria for exclusion in response to new findings and social norms.


We engage in dialogue with the companies and exercise 
our voting rights.

A company can improve its sustainability performance through dialogue with shareholders and lenders in particular.

For example, we actively encourage companies to formulate ambitious CO2e reduction targets and to implement them consistently. We maintain an ongoing dialogue with company management, and play an active role in the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment platform (UN PRI) as well as various investor initiatives.

We also exercise our voting rights. We have our own sustainability-oriented voting guidelines for exercising voting rights, which are based on Swiss and international corporate governance rules as well as the principles of the UN PRI. We publish our voting behaviour transparently on

More info in video

In this video, Severin Schütz, Product Specialist at Swisscanto, explains how the topic of sustainability is implemented in our active investment products.

Do sustainable investments pay off?

In addition to the ethical aspect, our sustainable investment products enable an improvement in the risk/return profile compared to conventional investments. ESG criteria allow us to influence the future risks of entrepreneurs.


The relevant factor here is more than just the performance of your investment products, but the fees also play an important role since they reduce your return. At frankly, we offer you the advantage of receiving our active investment products at no extra charge at our current all-in fee of 0.45%. You can’t imagine much below 0.45%? 


Calculate individually how much you can save with our investment products thanks to the low fees at frankly with the help of our pension calculator. (Link to the pension calculator)


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Sustainability and returns

* CO2 equivalents (CO2e) are a unit of measurement to standardise the climate 
impact of the greenhouse gases carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), nitrous 
oxide (N2O) and fluorinated greenhouse gases (CFCs). All of these gases 

remain in the atmosphere for different lengths of time and do not contribute 
equally to the greenhouse effect.

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Proven processes

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Individual investment reporting

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