Social Media Netiquette

frankly is a registered trademark used by the Sparen 3 pension foundation of Zürcher Kantonalbank to offer pension solutions for private investors. When frankly appears on social media platforms, the aim is to engage in dialogue and provide information to anyone who is interested in having a conversation with us. We have prepared some tips to make the experience as pleasant as possible.


Last updated: March 2020

Think about what you disclose about yourself

Your posts and information are visible to every user. Everything you write here can be seen by everyone else, too.


  • Only provide information and details that are appropriate for the general public.
  • Do not post any confidential or personal information (contact details, telephone numbers or user information such as passwords etc.).
  • Do not hesitate to contact us if you have specific questions about your customer relationship or general questions about our products and services.

Always be fair and respectful

We respect everyone's personal opinion. We appreciate constructive criticism. Likewise, we ask you to accept the opinions of others and to treat each other fairly and with respect.


  • There is no place here for insults, personal attacks or other such behaviour.
  • Racist, obscene, discriminatory, threatening, misleading or illegal content will not be tolerated and will be deleted by the administrator.
  • Only upload content for which you have the appropriate rights (your own photos, music, etc.). Images displayed by frankly are for personal use only and may not be reused.

Legal notices

  • The frankly social media sites and the products, services and content described therein are only intended for people residing in Switzerland; they are not valid for anyone who does not live in Switzerland.
  • frankly expressly states that frankly is not obliged to fulfil or accept any orders, cancellations or any other rights to alter a legal relationship or authorisations for business transactions such as payments, investment transactions, account openings or closures, account or credit card blocks, changes of address or other business transactions communicated via the social media channels. The social media channels set up by frankly are not official channels of communication.
  • frankly provides no guarantee for the accuracy of statements made by users and/or third parties on this or other platforms. You use any recommendations or incomplete statements made by third parties at your own risk.
  • The information published on the frankly social media pages is for information purposes only. It does not constitute a solicitation, offer or recommendation to purchase or sell bank or investment products or to conclude any legal business whatsoever.
  • The uploading of content that violates the rights of third parties or frankly – especially if these are personal rights, trademark rights and/or copyrights – is prohibited. frankly publications are for personal use only and may not be reused.
  • Accessing social media sites set up by frankly enables other users to infer the possible existence of a customer relationship between the user and frankly. However, fan or follower status is not linked to a customer relationship with frankly as non-customers can also be fans or followers etc. of frankly.
  • Competitions or lotteries (prize draws) advertised on the frankly pages have no connection with the respective social media channel (for example, Facebook). They are not sponsored, promoted or organised by that channel. Those who participate in prize draws may not assert any rights against the social media channels (e.g. Facebook).
  • frankly does not use any data that identifies followers personally, and above all, does not match any data to customers. In addition, frankly uses statistics that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube provides about followers. These statistics may include information about the number of people or accounts that have viewed posts, responded to these or commented on them as well as aggregated demographic or other information that helps us learn about interactions on our social media channels.
  • By joining any of frankly's social media sites, you agree to comply with the applicable netiquette, terms of use and data use policies of that social media channel. Please refer to the data policies of the applicable social media channels.
  • frankly reserves the right to delete posts that are in breach of netiquette or the terms of use of the respective social media channel and/or to inform the author. In the event of repeated or serious violations, a user profile can be blocked from these sites.

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