Today we celebrate International Women’s Day!

Today we celebrate International Women’s Day. Congratulations to you! A good opportunity to focus on an important topic – especially for women!

Women and retirement planning


Women in Switzerland have statistically lower pension assets at retirement age than men. Did you know that the difference between men and women in this country is a whopping 37%? This is mainly because women often have gaps in their employment due to family reasons and tend to work part-time. 

What is the problem?
One reason for this gap is the minimum wage for joining the occupational pension plan. Since only the salary in excess of this is included under the 2nd pillar with a pension fund, the 2nd pillar is often low in the case of part-time work or even does not apply at all.


What can you do?

Against this backdrop, the pillar 3a with preferential tax treatment is all the more important for retirement planning. Even small, regular payments can make an important contribution to reducing the pension gap. For example with frankly – your pillar 3a app. 

Proper retirement planning for part-time workers


Part-time workers are particularly vulnerable to financial losses after retirement. With our example, we show you how you can make optimal provisions for your old age despite a reduced number of work hours.


To the calculation example

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