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Start with frankly today, and choose your pillar 3a cash or invest in Swisscanto products, which have won a number of awards. Open an account in just a few minutes, fully digital 


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Your advantages with frankly

Quick and under­stand­able

Fully digital. No paperwork and no bank visits.

Att­rac­tive yield oppor­tu­nit­ies 

Invest in high-quality Swisscanto investment products or keep your pension assets in cash.

Simply cheap 

59% cheaper than com­parable securities savings offers (source: moneyland.ch).

Sus­tain­able in­vest­ing 

Swisscanto’s active investment products with sustainability approach.


Calculate your pension

Your potential assets with frankly

Your gender

years old

Your employment relationship

Annual deposit
Transfer 3a assets
Risk level

You play it safe and receive a privileged interest rate. Your assets will grow steadily.

Safety is a top priority for you. You want to avoid risks and losses. You prefer steady asset growth with only very slight fluctuations.

You prefer safety and take only manageable risks. You are willing to accept small fluctuations in assets.

You tolerate risk, but do not take any major risks. You accept moderate fluctuations in your assets.

You are more open to risk and are willing to take increased risks. You are willing to accept higher fluctuations in assets.

You are very open to risk and don't let losses bother you. You see risks as opportunities. You accept considerable fluctuations in assets.

This is how much you get with “frankly 3 - cash”:Higher potential returns 
"frankly - expected" compared to the 
"frankly - cash":

Calculation and risk information

Every investment strategy has its own forecast. The calculation uses economic models and statistical methods. A distinction is made between expected performance, the lower value (worst-case performance) and the upper value (best-case performance). In 95 out of 100 cases, the performance of your balance should be between the upper and lower value. The forecast can be generated for an investment horizon of up to 10 years at most. With a longer investment horizon, the calculations are continued with the same values but no statements can be made about the probability that the calculated results will occur. The calculated values are net after deduction of the frankly all-in fee and are based on an interest payment of 0.80% on the pillar 3 account. Please note that this forecast does not take into account inflation and any taxes due at maturity. (state 01.01.2024)


frankly - best case
frankly - expected
frankly - cash
frankly - worst case

Do you invest in securities?
This is how much you can save with frankly

Details on the calculation

The expected value is shown after deduction of the cumulative all-in fee and the cumulative average fees of the pillar 3 securities solutions compared by the independent Swiss online comparison service moneyland.ch (as of January 2024). The calculation is based on the same assumptions regarding expected performance. It illustrates that saving with lower fees over a longer period of time leads to financial benefits. The calculation is based on the assumption that fees remain unchanged during the entire investment period.

Savings thanks to 
the all-in-fee of 0.44%

With frankly's 0.44% all-in-fee on frankly 3a securities

With the competitor product and avg. 1.15% fees

The frankly pillar 3a at a glance

Simply cheap
Simple and fast
Prepare for retirement
Sustainable investing
Fully digital
So günstig ist frankly mit seiner All-in-FeeSo günstig ist frankly mit seiner All-in-Fee

Current all-in fee: 0.44%
No all-in fee is payable on the cash.


The all-in fee on your securities balance is currently 0.44% thanks to the community discount. With frankly, you can expect no securities custody fees and no flat-rate administrative fees for the investment product; they are included in the all-in fee. Saving securities with frankly is half the price of comparable offers (source: moneyland.ch). 

Please note that issue and redemption charges apply in favour of the fund for the indexed investment products in particular and these are not included in the all-in fee. You can find an exact definition of the all-in fee in the FAQs.

No all-in fee is payable on the cash.


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Open your frankly in just a few minutes

Pension provision made easy. All you need is your smartphone, tablet or computer and an ID. Needless to say, we’ll help you every step of the way. Register now and you're all set to go. It only takes a few short minutes. So what are you waiting for?


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Richtig vorsorgen mit frankly

Find an investment product that suits you. We’ll help you.

The main goal is to build up your savings. The excellent investment products from our partner Swisscanto support both cautious and courageous investment strategies. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice or an expert when it comes to securities: you can decide for yourself whether frankly should suggest an investment product that suits your needs or whether you, as an expert, would prefer to decide on an investment product yourself.


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Nachhaltig anlegen mit frankly

Invest in active and sustainable investment products

Our Swisscanto investment products play a pioneering role in sustainable investing. Invest in our actively managed, sustainable Swisscanto investment products at a current all-in fee of just 0.44%. Only available with frankly.


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Make the most of your pillar 3a

Do you want to have a full overview of your retirement savings at all times? No matter whether it’s with your smartphone, tablet or computer, with frankly you can see how your assets are performing at any time, as well as make deposits and gain access to your investment strategy. No matter where you are.


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It only takes a few minutes to get started

Get started now and open a pillar 3a

Start with frankly today and invest in multiple award-winning investment products from Swisscanto. Digital, transparent and secure.

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What others are saying about frankly:


Handelszeitung, Säule 3a Testurteil:
«Beste Performance»


frankly gehört zu den »Top 10 Anbieter mit der besten Performance über 5 Jahre». HZ, 07.12.2023 


Handelszeitung, Pillar 3a test verdict: very good


frankly is rated as very good in the Category «provider with the best performance over five years». HZ, 1.06.2023


Handelszeitung, Pillar 3a test verdict: frankly is test winner


frankly is rated as very good in the Category «provider with the best performance over five years». HZ, 25.05.2022


Swisscanto's investment products are performing very well. With a return of 5.36% over the last 10 years, the Swisscanto BVG Responsible Portfolio 45 VT has performed best. The Swisscanto BVG Index 45 VT follows in second place with a return of 5.23%. K-Geld, 6/2021

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The app’s functionality also impressed the jury. It is possible to open up a new retirement savings account in less than five minutes, including the digital signature, signing the contract and onboarding. (Jury of the Best of Swiss App Award)

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The fee structure at frankly is truly remarkable, firstly because it is radically simple and secondly because the products are in direct competition with the traditional Swisscanto funds in terms of fees.

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The funds offered by the Zürcher Kantonalbank through frankly have an average cost well below the average for retirement funds as a whole.

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Frankly is a great option for a pillar 3a and offers a great user experience with very competitive pricing.

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