Securities and their performance 


You can benefit from attractive potential returns thanks to Swisscanto’s investment products by Zürcher Kantonalbank. This has a direct impact on the performance of your pillar 3a or your vested benefits. We’ll show you how to keep track of the performance and how it’s calculated.

Performance varies depending on the investment product


With your frankly pillar 3a, you invest in one of thirteen available investment products. For your vested benefits you can choose between ten investment products.


Each investment product has a different proportion of shares, bonds, real estate, commodities and precious metals. Individual or several asset classes are also excluded depending on the product line and investment strategy. This way, your pension assets are invested in a diversified manner according to your investment strategy in order to reduce cluster risks. The performance of your pillar 3a is therefore the average performance of all the investments that make up the investment product.


More about the investment strategies

How is the average performance of your pillar 3a calculated?


frankly calculates the performance of your securities savings using the so-called modified Dietz method. This takes into account the fact that cash inflows and outflows occur at different times. This methodology also factors in the level of periodic investments. This means that periods with higher cash inflows or outflows are given a higher weighting than periods with lower investments or divestments. It should be noted that in the modified Dietz method the return is calculated from the beginning of the investment process on the average invested capital. In the case of high investments or divestments (e.g. in the case of early withdrawal for owner-occupied residential property), the performance can therefore produce a misleading result as the cash inflows or outflows are still included in the average invested capital. Nevertheless, the modified Dietz method is the most suitable way of reflecting the cash inflows or outflows of funds – the amount of which may also vary from year to year – in the performance calculation from an actuarial perspective.


Advantages of the method


  • The money-weighted return measures the individual investment performance of the investor.
  • Suitable for people who make regular deposits because it takes into account the time of investment and the amount paid in.
  • The performance also takes into account the fees incurred.

Overview available anywhere and at any time


In the frankly app, you can see how your individual frankly pillar 3a accounts are performing and the overall performance across all your frankly pillars. You can see the development in % as well as a book value. Since the performance is not recalculated at exactly the same time as the fluctuations occur, there may be a delay in the evening in showing the return.

How the investment products develop over time


In the Swisscanto overview, you can see how the performance of frankly’s investment products has developed and the price at which the products are traded. Furthermore, detailed performance values can be viewed in the factsheets. 


To the performance values


Please note: Past developments and returns are no guarantee of future investment performance.

Excellent – but feel free to compare for yourself


With frankly, you invest your pillar 3a in Swisscanto investment products by Zürcher Kantonalbank. These regularly receive awards. You can compare for yourself how well the investment products are performing. With the pillar 3a comparison calculator you can compare the costs and performance of competing providers with those offered by frankly.

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