Transferring your pillar 3a to frankly is easy

Make the most of your pillar 3 with the frankly app. Even if you’ve already got pillar 3a accounts with other providers, you can easily transfer them to frankly.


> Why should I switch to frankly?

So einfach ist der Transfer deiner Säule 3a zu frankly

How do I benefit if I transfer my existing pillar 3a to frankly?

Attractive costs:

Thanks to frankly’s all-in fee, it is half the price of comparable securities savings solutions.

The all-in fee on accounts and securities balances is currently only 0.45%. The more users save together, the cheaper it will become, thanks to the community discount.


Different investment strategies:

You can open up to five pillar 3a accounts in the frankly app and choose completely different investment strategies for each pillar.


Easy to open and manage:

With the frankly app, you can manage your pension plan with ease, the digital way. No bank visits and no paperwork.


Did you know?

We will pay the transfer costs for you

We will pay any costs you incur for selling your existing securities or for closing your account (this applies to all savings contracts with bank foundations).

How can I transfer from my existing pillar 3a to frankly?

  1. Download the frankly app for free, and open your pillar 3a, including your preferred strategy. It takes just a few minutes.
  2. In the start screen of the frankly app, select «+» and then «transfer 3a to frankly».
  3. Simply select your current pension provider from which you would like to transfer your pillar 3a assets to frankly.
  4. In the next step, enter your policy number or IBAN at your current provider. If you don’t have them handy, you can just skip that step.
  5. Now you can choose whether you would like to receive the PDF by post (including a prepaid envelope) or whether you would like to download and print it yourself.
  6. Important: Check your information again, sign the form and send the transfer order to your current provider as soon as possible.


Transfer now (App)

frankly note:

Depending on the provider, it may take several weeks to complete the order. When you transfer, please note that your securities will be sold and then reinvested. This means that, for a few days, you won’t have any investments. If you have index funds, you will also be required to pay issuing and redemption fees to the funds. However, the transaction fee will be waived in full if you transfer your account. Your client advisor will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Incidentally, 3a assets are always fully dissolved and transferred to the new provider because, for legal reasons, pillar 3a cannot be split.

Kostenerstattung Säule3a bei frankly

How do I get my transfer costs reimbursed?

To get a refund of your transaction costs or account closing fees for your transfer to frankly, please send us your fee statement from your former bank foundation to [email protected].


We will grant you the refund as a discount on the all-in fee. You’ll see it at the end of the quarter under «Profile» -> «Fees».

frankly investment products are rated «very good»

frankly is rated as "very good" in the category «provider with the best performance over 5 years». (Handelszeitung article from 29.11.2022)

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