Transferring your vested benefits to frankly is easy

With frankly you can get more out of your 2nd pillar. Even if you already have a vested benefits account with other providers, it’s easy to transfer your benefits to frankly.


> Why should I switch to frankly?

What are the advantages of opening a vested benefits account with frankly?


Attractive costs:
Thanks to frankly’s all-in fee, we are 59% cheaper than comparable securities savings solutions (source: The all-in fee on your securities balance is currently just 0.44%. No all-in fee is payable on the cash.


Interest on your cash allocation: 
If you don’t want to invest your vested benefits, you can benefit from our preferential interest rate of 0.40%. We even recommend this if you want to hold your vested benefits with frankly for less than 3 years.


Easy to open and manage:

With frankly, it’s simple to manage your retirement planning entirely online. There’s no need to visit the bank and no paperwork.


Did you know? We will pay your transfer costs
We will pay any costs incurred in the sale of your previous securities (transaction costs) or the account closure fees in compliance with any notice periods as well as any fee for transferring your vested benefits (applies to all savings contracts with bank foundations).

That's how easy it is to transfer with frankly:

How do I open a vested benefits account with frankly or how do I transfer my existing vested benefits solution to frankly?


frankly Web makes it easy:

  1. Register for frankly online and open your frankly vested benefits account, including your preferred strategy. 

    Are you already a frankly customer? Simply log in to frankly via computer or tablet. Click on the "fz" tab on the left side of the frankly homepage and open a vested benefits account with frankly.
  2. Click on the “transfer to frankly” tile in the frankly start screen.
  3. The PDF form with the order for the transfer of vested benefits opens. Please fill in all the necessary information directly or print the PDF and fill it in by hand.
  4. Filled it in and printed it out? Send the form to your previous occupational pension scheme by post.
  5. Important: Check your information again, sign the form and send the transfer order to your current pension provider as soon as possible.
Transfer now

How long will it take for my vested benefits to be processed?


It can take several weeks for your previous pension fund to transfer your credit balance and send your termination statement to frankly. So there’s no need to worry if the money isn’t immediately visible in your frankly vested benefits account the next day.

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