Why frankly is the right pension solution for you 

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What are the advantages of frankly?

You already know how important retirement planning is. Now it is a matter of finding the right provider with the right retirement savings plan. We give you some good reasons why you should use frankly in future:

Save taxes with pillar 3a - frankly

1. You save on taxes

frankly pillar 3a: With every franc you pay into your frankly pillar 3a, you reduce your taxable income and save on taxes! This means you benefit twice over.


frankly vested benefits: Dividends and income on your vested benefits are not subject to withholding, income or wealth tax for the entire term.

2. Open an account in just a few minutes

We make sure that you don't have to go to a branch office or fill in any annoying paperwork. The opening process only takes a few minutes. All you need is a valid ID, a smartphone, tablet or computer and you’re ready to start building your retirement savings. 

easy opening with frankly
simple process - pillar 3a

3. Deposit as little as CHF 1*

You can decide how much to invest: there is no minimum deposit, no minimum term and also no notice periods. 
*Payments may only be made into the frankly pillar 3a account. You can only transfer funds to the frankly vested benefits account if you leave your pension fund or if you already have an existing vested benefits account.

4. Clear & simple – fully digital

We have completely rethought retirement planning. With frankly, you can open, manage and balance your retirement plan entirely online, comfortably and easily. You can see your performance at any time and can access all important information and documents from anywhere. What more do you want?

Säule 3a einfach und verständlich
attractive investment products

5. Attractive yield oppor­tu­nities through high-quality in­vestment pro­ducts

The top priority is to build up your assets so that you can carry on living the way you want in your old age. frankly invests in securities and only in high-quality Swisscanto investment products. You decide with your strategy how much risk you want to take. Find out what retirement assets will be available to you in your old age thanks to frankly.

6. Radical pricing model: 60% cheaper than com­parable securities savings offers 

Low costs are important in order to achieve high returns. Our current all-in fee of 0.44% on securities balances is half the price of comparable securities savings offers (source: moneyland.ch). This has been confirmed by the independent Swiss online comparison service moneyland.ch.

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radical price model
frankly community discount

7. Sustainable retirement products

frankly backs this strategy too. All active Swisscanto investment products in frankly follow a responsible or strictly responsible approach.

Investing sustainably

8. Easy to switch

Even if you already have a pillar 3a or a vested benefits account with other providers, you can easily transfer them to frankly. We will pay any costs you may incur in selling your existing securities or closing your account in compliance with any notice periods (this applies to all savings contracts with bank foundations).

frankly - easy transfer
Gemeinsam sparen - nur bei frankly

9. Our Community discount

You’re not alone. The more customers who use frankly, the cheaper the all-in fee becomes for everyone. In the meantime we have already reached the third discount level of CHF 1,000 million, and with the more people who use it frankly will get even cheaper. You can see how far away we are from the next threshold in the app or web version.

10. Safety & experience

frankly was developed by Zürcher Kantonalbank, one of the safest universal banks in the world. Zürcher Kantonalbank can call on over 150 years of experience since its founding, and more than one million clients place their trust in it. We give everything for you for the Zürcher Kantonalbank’s Savings 3 Pension Foundation, the Zürcher Kantonalbank Vested Benefits Foundation and the excellent products of Swisscanto.

About us
frankly - Sicherheit und Erfahrung durch ZKB

11. A wide range of products for your retirement planning

In addition to the pillar 3a, you can also deposit your vested benefits with frankly. Therefore, in addition to the third pillar we also cover the second pillar of your retirement benefits. The same applies in the case of vested benefits: you decide for yourself which strategy suits you best. Use our pension calculator to find out what pension assets you can have available to you thanks to frankly vested benefits, and compare frankly with other vested benefits solutions

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