Investing vested benefits when taking a career break

Are you taking a career break to further your education?

Are you taking a career break to undertake an extended period of further education? You will need to transfer your pension fund assets to a vested benefits institution of your choice. frankly offers the right investment model for your vested benefits whatever your life situation.

For example: Melanie, 42, is undertaking further education

Let’s assume you are Melanie, 42 years old, and you work as a teacher at a secondary school. You always wanted to be a pianist and now finally have the opportunity to take a career break to pursue this ambition. While studying at the Zurich Conservatory, you will transfer your existing pension fund assets to a vested benefits institution.

Account strategy

Melanie opts for an account strategy that pays interest on her balance at a current rate of 0.15%. Since Melanie will return to her job as a teacher in a year’s time, investing her pension fund assets in securities is too risky for her.


What kind of pension could Melanie achieve with frankly by this time?

Estimated pension assets at age 43 or in 1 year: 

Statement of changes in net assets 

Reveal card

Calculation and risk information 

Reveal card

Statement of changes in net assets 

If Melanie were to leave her money in her normal vested benefits account, in a year’s time and assuming interest rates remain low at 0.15%, she would have CHF 250,375.

Marina, for example, is 42 years old and not in employment. She makes a one-off payment of CHF 250,000 into her vested benefits account with frankly, and she chooses the account strategy with no risk.

Calculation and risk information 

Let's assume, for example: Account strategy, hypothetical return per year 0.15%.

The hypothetical return shown is not guaranteed; the Vested Benefits Foundation of Zürcher Kantonalbank reserves the right to increase or reduce the interest rate in line with market conditions. Please note that inflation and the taxes payable when the balance becomes due are not included in this forecast.

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