Vested benefits savings in cash


Do you want to be on the safe side with your vested benefits? No problem, frankly offers you a interest rate on your vested benefits assets if you do not want to invest in securities.


Only a small adjustment to frankly is necessary to do this.

This is how you invest your vested benefits in cash – without risk:

  1. Open frankly and choose an investment strategy. If you would like to invest in securities at a later date, the chosen strategy would be your investment strategy.
  2. Important: Investment mode “Independent / Cash”. Once you have opened your frankly account, set your investment mode to “Independent / Cash” on the dashboard.
  3. Now you can simply make a deposit and receive an advantageous interest rate of a current 0.15% (as of 1 October 2023 0.40%) on your cash assets.



Are you already a frankly client and invested in securities?
Do you want to play it safe and save with your vested benefits in cash? If yes, simply change your investment mode to “Independent / Cash”. As soon as you sell your securities afterwards, your pension assets will automatically be held in cash and earn interest.

Good News

The best thing is that you will not pay any fees on your frankly vested assets in cash!

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