Pillar 3a – what you need to know about private pension provision

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Learn everything about the third pillar at frankly.

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Pension situation for women

We show you what you can do to protect yourself against pension gaps when you retire.
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Saving on taxes when you’re self-employed

Our tax tips show you how to save money easily as a self-employed person.
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New Year's resolutions

This is how you can ensure that your 2023 resolutions don't just remain empty words.
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January review

Here’s how to get your finances in order in one day.
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Why the third pillar is so important for you

Why the third pillar is so important for you.

Investment products explained in simple terms

With frankly, investors invest in Swisscanto’s investment products. Find out here how these investment products work and what advantages they offer.

Performance development in securities savings

With securities savings, your invested assets develop in line with the financial markets. Learn how the performance of your investment product is calculated.
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Saving even with small amounts

5 tips how you can provide for your future, even with smaller amounts.
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Which investment strategy is right for me?

These questions you should ask yourself when investing in securities.
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It's worth saving early

The pillar 3a is relevant to you right from the age of 18 when you start earning your first salary. This article will tell you why!

Multiple pillars

With the staggered withdrawal of Pillar 3a, further tax savings can be realized.
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Leaving Switzerland? Find out what you can do with your pillar 3a

Do you want to start a new life abroad? Find out here what you can do with your pillar 3a.
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Gute Gründe, nachhaltig anzulegen

Does sustainable investing make sense? Learn more about green investing here.
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With pillar 3a to your own home

When fulfilling the dream of owning a home, the pillar 3a can be an important support and offers various purposes of application.
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Pillar 3a - better at the bank or insurance?icherung?

An insurance or bank solution for your pillar 3a? We give you tips on how to make the right choice.
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Maximum contributions for pillar 3a

Vorsorgen und gleichzeitig Steuern sparen? Wir zeigen dir, wie du maximale Steuerersparnisse erreichst.
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Market turbulence – what now?

Corrections have always come about on the stock market, and cannot be predicted. The important thing during market turbulence is to remain calm.
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Pension Webcast - Replay

In our webcasts, our experts talk about topics related to private pension.

Community discount

We’ve broken the CHF 1,000 million barrier! frankly is getting even cheaper for you.
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Making a deposit with frankly

Paying into your frankly pillar 3a is quick and easy, whether it’s a one-off payment or a standing order. All you need is the IBAN of your frankly savings 3a.


Transfer your pillar 3a to frankly by 30 April 2023 and receive a CHF 100 fee voucher.
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What pension type are you?

Find out with the help of our five examples.
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Your daily coffee has a big impact

What your daily coffee has to do with your pillar 3a, and why you’re better off investing in securities than coffee.
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Refer a friend and benefit together

Receive a CHF 25 credit for every referral.
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New investment product

You can now also choose the Extreme 95 Active, which is sustainably oriented.
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Save on taxes with your pillar 3a

Save for retirement and save on taxes. With pillar 3a, you benefit twice over.
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Why should I invest my 3a in securities?

Swisscanto investment products as a clever alternative to pillar 3a savings.
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So einfach ist dein Transfer

So einfach wechselst du deine Säule 3a zu frankly und sparst Gebühren.
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Proper retirement planning for newcomers from abroad

How to optimise your retirement provision with frankly using the example of Michael, an immigrant from abroad.
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3a: What you need to know

We give you answers about pillar 3a: Why? When? How? Simply explained.
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Investing sustainably for old age

More about the Swisscanto’s active products.
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Proper retirement planning for part-time workers

Proper retirement planning for part-time workers using the example of Alice.
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Proper retirement planning as an employee with 3a assets

How you can make the most of your retirement savings with frankly using the example of Martin, employed with existing 3a assets.
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Proper retirement planning in middle age

Proper retirement planning in middle age using the example of Roger, a family man with the desire to to invest in real estate.
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Proper retirement planning for young professionals

Proper retirement planning for young people using the example of Fabienne, just started her career and has a long investment horizon.
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Proper retirement planning for the self-employed

Proper retirement planning for the self-employed using the example of Max, a self-employed entrepreneur with a sole proprietorship.
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Good reasons for changing

You already have a pillar 3a? Then switch to frankly and save fees.

frankly TV adverts

Click here for our beloved frankly spots.
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5 things to do by the end of the year

What you definitely ought to do before 2020 ends.
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5 practical tax tips

It’s that easy to save on taxes with your pillar 3a.

Best of Swiss App Award 2020

The frankly app came away with a number of accolades at the Best of Swiss App Awards.

Pension provision for the self-employed

This is the best way to save for retirement as a self-employed person


All you need to know about pillar 3a

You might think you’re too young to worry about such things. But you’d probably like to stay independent in your old age and decide for yourself how you’ll spend your retirement. Saving and investing in your frankly pillar 3a app should help you do just that.


We explain how the Swiss pension system works, why pillar 3a is so important and how you can get more out of your pillar 3a.  We show you the maximum amount you can pay into your third pillar to save on taxes with frankly. We also give you good reasons to switch to frankly and invest your pillar 3a in securities. Of course, we also give you an overview of our high-quality Swisscanto investment products and provide important information on how you can invest sustainably for your old age with frankly


Enjoy the read! Still have questions? No problem, just write us an e-mail telling us what you’re looking for.

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