Good news at frankly!


Good news at frankly – from 1 October 2023, frankly will again increase the interest rate on cash assets.


Interest rates rising at frankly:

Interest rates on your cash assets will increase as of 1 October 2023. An interest rate of 0.80% will apply to frankly pillar 3a accounts (so far: 0.50%) and 0.40% to frankly vested benefits (so far: 0.15%). No all-in fee will be charged on the cash assets.


Save in cash risk-free with frankly


Do you want to play it safe and save with your pillar 3a or vested benefits in cash? If yes, simply change your investment mode to “Independent / Cash”. As soon as you sell your securities afterwards, your pension assets will automatically be held in cash and earn interest. 

What’s more,  you will no longer pay an all-in fee on your cash assets with frankly.


Pilliar 3a - maximum contribution



By the way: frankly is now also available as a web version.


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