Get your fi­nances in order in less than a day

This review will help you get off to a fresh start this year, put your finances in order, avoid mistakes, and save time and money. All in less than a day

Checklist 2021 - pillar 3a

The money-cleaning:

As we enter 2024, it’s time for New Year’s resolutions. Now is the perfect moment to review your finances, put them in order, and complete all your important outstanding tasks.


If you tackle these things in January, you’ll avoid costly mistakes and be optimally prepared for the coming year. To help you get down to action, we have listed the five most important points below:

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Build your goals for the year into your budget

Take the time to get an overview of all the places where you have some money, and check that you’ve included all your savings and retirement goals, as well as money for taxes and other expenses. Do you have something special planned this year that you’ll need money for, or do you want to catch up on something that you weren’t able to do last year?

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Make a deposit into pillar 3a – the sooner the better

If you can afford to, you should pay the highest possible amount into your pillar 3a as early as January. That way your money has more time to work. If that’s not possible, then pay in as much as you can and set up standing orders for the rest so you don’t have to think about it any more.

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Review your strategy

If you have invested your pension in securities, now is a good time to review your strategy. Some questions to think about:


  • Does your investment still fit your risk profile?
  • Have your needs and time horizons changed? For example, do you want to draw your money earlier to buy a home or start your own business?
  • Do you need another 3a business relationship to optimise your tax?
  • Do you have money in pension accounts that you would like to invest now?
  • Does the investment still fit with your values? For example, would you prefer sustainable investments?

All of these questions have an impact on your investment strategy. The start of the year is a good time to make changes to your strategy.

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Collect all key documents

At the turn of the year, many key documents arrive such as tax certificates and interest statements. It’s a good idea to collect and organise them systematically. This gives you an overview of them and saves time when you’re preparing your tax return.


Tip: You can find the frankly tax documents directly in the app in your profile under «Mailbox» or in the frankly web version under «Documents».

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Enter important dates in the calendar, and set up standing orders

It makes sense to enter deadlines and set up standing orders at the start of the year. That way, you won’t miss any deadlines or have to deal with your finances all the time.

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